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Estoy sentado en mi Tierra. En todo comodidad. Pero mi corazón va A otro lugar Otro mundo Otra tierra Mi según hogar   Y pienso. Pienso de las corazones Desalcanzadas. Desesperadas. Para verdad Para amor Esperanza Para Cristo   Y quien irá Si no me voy.   Estoy sentado Junto a belleza Que no puedo […]

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We rely on our senses to aide us in various ways in our everyday lives. through our senses we learn things essential to natural life. But what is most essential is the understanding of that which is spiritual. This understanding goes beyond that which the natural senses can offer.

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Love is a haven of safety Covering a multitude of sin; Lifting, when there’s nothing else On which you can depend. Owe no man but to love them And love others more than self; Unconditional and forgiving Love takes note of nothing else. When nothing else will help you Love will take you in His […]


At the end of ourselves Is where true prayer begins, In continual communion with God To that which there is no end. For true prayer is a lifestyle Not merely the utterance of words, It is the attitude of our spirits Employing the vehicle through which God is served. We are to watch in prayer […]

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Life is choice driven and I choose life In every decision before me, that has been set; As the heaven and earth has been called as witness, So that my descendants and I may live blessed. I live abundantly through Jesus He is the way, the truth, and the life I will keep my eyes […]

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